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lori erenberg - portrait
"We all know that life is too short -- so let’s spend our time in spaces that are dynamic, lively, and wonderfully livable," Lori Erenberg declares, displaying a knowing wit and her distinctly generous spirit. For Erenberg, interior design is an authentically collaborative art form: a full spectrum experience, a complex and dazzling balancing act that incorporates color, light, architectural history, 21st century innovations, pure sculptural forms, and truly functional solutions. “My idea of design is inspired by painting,” she explains. “ You compose with color, pattern, and texture to develop a space that comes alive.”
A native Californian, Erenberg is an inveterate traveler, an enthusiastic student who has learned her lessons well and carries her erudition lightly: she’s spent endless summers in Europe, visiting ancient sites and  capitol cities, earned an art history degree from the University of Southern California, served a stint as an architectural librarian, and took an extended spin as a musical performer in the Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo—a  neo-surrealist cabaret act founded by film composer Danny Elfman. When Erenberg flawlessly refurbished a classic 50s California house, her ingenious renovation featured prominently in the era-defining style book Mid-Century Modern and a full-time design practice was launched.
With virtuosic flair, Erenberg creates luxurious, eco-friendly homes, invitingly chic restaurants, and remarkably harmonious offices. She’s fine-tuned the domestic hearts of rustic craftsman cottages, cool modernist pavilions, and voluptuous Spanish revival mansions. Her work has appeared in publications ranging from Casa Vogue to Metropolitan Home and on popular decorating shows including “Mix It Up” with Courteney Cox and David Arquette. In Lori Erenberg’s designs, there is always  delight in imaginative juxtapositions, well-considered comforts, and an assured appreciation for sophistication and the sweet life.
                                                                                               - Susan Morgan
lori erenberg
OFFICE: 310.826.5744
CELL: 310.850.5774